Women in STEAM

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the launch of the STEAMpunk Girls Project at UTS. The program is designed to attract more girls into STEAM and connect them with female role models that can help guide them into a career in one or more of the STEAM fields.

Led by the UTS Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence Unit (IECI), the program has a vision of a more innovative Australia where women have agency and a voice in society.

This post from Women in STEMM Australia highlights the journey of an amazing woman, Marija Jovanovich.

This week Women in STEMM Australia had the chance to connect with an amazing woman in STEMM, Squadron Leader Marija Jovanovich, who is a Test Pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force. Marija shared her exciting career path and then answered a few questions for us. “Early in my career, I tried to hide my intellectual bend. […]

via Flying high with science — Women in STEMM Australia


One thought on “Women in STEAM

  1. Marija is a great role model for young women and a strong advocate for girls achieving dreams beyond their wildest imagination. Her comment “Early in my career, I tried to hide my intellectual bend. When I finally stopped, I became a much better operator and leader” clearly speaks volumes about believing in yourself and not being afraid of reaching your absolute potential. It also sends a message that hard work, determination and resilience are paramount in all you do and in who you are!!!


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