Learning Spaces

The College is currently engaged in reimagining our Library and the spaces connected to it. We have been doing a great deal of research around how a traditional library space can be transformed into a centre of research and innovation.

Part of this process has been to ask the students what they think the space should look like in the future. It has been quite an interesting experience to collate the data and see the myriad of views that exist amongst our student body.

What surprised me was the strong connection to the word ‘library’ and the students suggesting the space should be full of books and totally silent. Perhaps if we had not used the word ‘library’ in the survey we may have had a very different response.

I have reposted some of Anne Knock’s thoughts previously. This post connects very much with what we have seen in our data collection process across the College.

Once, in a land that seems so far away, life was much simpler. Things were predictable. If you were successful in life, you went to school, learnt the stuff they told you to learn, passed your exams, studied your chosen vocation (chosen by whom was probably debatable), started a job, stayed in that job (and […]

via Simplicity & Nostalgia: A fractured fairytale of school. — anne knock


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