The Misunderstood Ingredient in Modern Learning Environments

This is a wonderful post highlighting the challenges faced by teachers in the 21st Century. At St Clare’s we are trying to find ways of providing effective professional development opportunities for our staff.

This term we are offering staff pathways in their professional development. There are three pathways led by different members so staff. The first is becoming proficient in the use of the interactive Epson projectors that have been installed across most of the College, the second is learning about the digital literacy resources available to the College community through access to the EBSCO databases. This is part of the Virtual Library space we have created this term. Finally there is the opportunity to learn about the Apple Teacher program and how you can become more creative in the classroom using the Apple software.

We hope by providing differentiated learning experiences for our staff that we may get more out of our PD opportunities that present throughout 2017.

Cheeky Kids

In the era of Modern Learning Environments and all the various rhetoric around what constitutes 21st Century Learning Environments, one key point seems to be lacking in the conversation.  Money is heavily invested in making our learning environments look ‘modern’ (bright colours, lack of walls, access to alternative working spaces) and teachers are required to adapt to these environments and ‘move with the times’.

But for all the investment in these spaces, and the focus on responding to a new ‘type’ of learner, the key ingredient in any successful learning journey is under-funded, under-resourced, and under-supported to ensure this is money well spent.

Creativity 6

The teachers operating in these environments find themselves being thrown into the new spaces facing the inevitable steep learning curve that comes with a significant veering ‘off course’ of traditional teaching pedagogies.  Those funding the provision of these environments have a sort of ‘she’ll be right’…

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