STEM and Sunsprint

STEM and the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge go hand in hand. This year we have three teams from St Clare’s competing for the first time in Sunsprint. It will be a great learning journey for our girls and one we hope that will inspire them to take on more challenges around STEM.

When we first issued the call for teams interested in participating in Sunprint I was excited by the number of students who expressed interest. There is definitely a strong demand for more activities like Sunsprint to be happening across the College.

We have created a separate blog to chronicle the journey of each team during this year’s event. The idea of the blog is to capture the various aspects of the Challenge. Part of this year’s event is a STEM Challenge where teams document how they engage with the various STEM components. The blog will help the teams prepare their presentations prior to the event.

The hardest part of the Challenge when you first take part is starting. Having some examples to examine closely is a real bonus and the team at St Mary’s Cathedral College kindly allowed us to borrow one of their cars from 2016. This was a Year 7 entry that was very competitive.

The UNSW Sunsprint Challenge is a great STEM activity that links perfectly with our focus on providing students with authentic learning opportunities. Students participating in the Challenge get to mix with engineering students from the UNSW Photovoltaic School. They also get to spend time exploring the Photovoltaic School and aspects of how the UNSW Sunswift Racing Team operate.

Keep an eye on the Sunsprint blog for regular updates. We will also reblog some of the more significant posts here.




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