Year 9 Religion

Throughout this term our Year 9 classes will be working on a unit that looks at the history of the Catholic Church in Australia. This unit is a great opportunity to link in with the Poor Clare Sisters and capture many of the stories they have to share around this topic.

We are always looking for opportunities to connect student learning with the world outside the College walls. The Poor Clare Sisters will be moving to a new home towards the end of 2018 and we wish to create a lasting tribute to their work.

Over the next 18 months we hope to create a digital record of their time at St Clare’s as well as look at how they have contributed to the development of the Catholic Church in Australia.

The journey commenced this week with Ms Sonego’s 9.1 class taking on the challenge of looking at the history of the Catholic Church in Australia through the eyes of the Poor Clares. The class has been divided into seven groups, each looking at a different perspective of the Church’s history.

Each group will be required to create a digital presentation that meets the criteria of their part of the task. Presentations can be in any digital format and once complete will be grouped into a central location that can be accessed by the wider community.

The class spent time with our Librarian, Mrs Kassiou looking at some techniques to help them search effectively online. We are also very fortunate to have Mrs Freed working with the class as she has a wealth of background knowledge and vast resources that she has generously compiled for the girls to use. We have also created a page on the Student site dedicated to the project to make finding information simpler.

This is a great example of authentic learning in action. The girls know how important this task is. Over the coming weeks they will meet with some of the Sisters and interview them on a wide range of issues. I am sure participating in this task will help them understand how much the College means to these amazing women.


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