St Clare’s Year 10 Team Get Underway

The UNSW Sunsprint Challenge continues to be one of the best STEM projects going around. We have four teams creating solar cars this year in our inaugural year in the project. The motivation the students have for the project is great to see with the teams spending time at lunch and after school seeing their designs become reality.

It was great to watch the Year 10 students so totally engrossed in what they were doing. They worked for two solid hours without a break and look like being a great team.. It reminded me of how critical it is that students have some investment in the learning process.

The next phase of the project is where the students start to get some feedback on how effective their designs. Once the chassis is complete each team will then fix axles, wheels, guide rollers and motors.

The girls have a little more to do to complete the body of the car with the internal bracing needing to be inserted. The car must be able to hold a one litre tetra pack milk container within the body so their design.

UNSW Sunsprint Challenge

Our Year 10 team has struggled to find the time to devote to the UNSW Sunsprint Challenge. Originally quite a large group the team is now a duo with Emily and Alicia pressing on with their design.

Today they began the construction process as part of the College’s Open Morning. Part of the Sunsprint Challenge is to document the process from start to finish so the girls thought a ‘time-lapse’ video would be a great way to show this part of the construction process.

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