Coding in Year 7 Science

How to embed coding into the curriculum is one of the major discussion points in schools at the moment due to the release of NESA’s Coding Across the Curriculum document. With very few teachers having any experience in using code, let alone instruct students, it is an added layer of complexity to an already over-crowded curriculum.

The best place to start is to look for opportunities where coding experiences can be incorporated into various classes. Subjects like Information Software Technology in Year 9 have coding as a core component but unless you follow that elective pathway you are not likely to experience any meaningful coding activity.

This year we are looking to increase opportunities for students to experience coding. Our Year 7 Science classes have been working on ‘Friction’ and the incorporation of the Sphero devices shows how easily embedding coding can be.

Two weeks ago they were using the Sphero app to program each Sphero to move a certain distance. The purpose of the task was to find out how long it would take the Sphero to travel the distance over different surfaces.

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