Year 9 RE Project Update

Our Year 9 RE project is coming to an end and we are looking forward to seeing what each group has put together. Last Friday the class was joined by Sisters Louise, Pia and Joanne as well as Fr Bernie as they explored their tasks in greater depth.

Fr Bernie spent time with two groups reflecting on the Waverley parish and how he is responding to the needs of his congregation. He also talked about the Franciscan order and their place in an evolving Church landscape. There was much discussion around some of the big issues facing the Church today and how they are impacting on the Waverley parish. We did not get time to get to a number of contemporary issues so Fr Bernie will be back to continue this important conversation.

Sister Pia and Sr Joanne spent time with two groups as well looking at the Poor Clares and where they sit in the modern Church. They spoke about what the future may hold for the order and some of the challenges confronting them at the moment.

Sister Louise reflected on the development of the St Clare’s community with another two groups. Having been leader of the St Clare’s community she was able to share many wonderful memories with each group. Both groups decided to use the ‘green screen’ to assist in their presentations.

The presentations will be brought together into an eBook using iBooks Author. This is the start of a long journey as we look to create a last memory of the Poor Clare Sisters at St Clare’s.

Here is a sample of the thoughts of Sr Louise with the ‘green screen’ technique.


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