STEM in Action

Our Year 9 IST class is embarking on their coding journey using Makeblock resources. The students have been using Scratch in preparation for the arrival of the mBots and mBot Ranger.

Today the students were given their robots to put together and it was certainly quite a challenge as they began unpacking the vast array of parts each device is made up of.


The students were fortunate that one device had been constructed so they could see first hand what the end product should look like.

We purchased an mBot Ranger as an added challenge for our top students. This robot is able to complete more complex tasks but takes a great deal more thought to construct.

Airblock is a lightweight drone that can be programmed through the Makeblock app. We demonstrated the drone in free flight mode so the students could see how it moved in the space. The end task for this unit will be asking the students to create a program that moves the drone from table to table within our Library space.

A couple of the groups monitored the assembly process using time-lapse on the iPad. Here they are in action.



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