Art and Design Exhibition

During the past week we have been preparing for our Art and Design Exhibition. A wide variety of outstanding work samples have been displayed around the College from a number of subject areas.

There were a number of digital presentations on show around the College and in those presentations, two in particular stood out as great examples of authentic learning.

The street murals took place back in 2016 while the ‘Egg Drop’ was part of the Year 7 Technology course earlier this year.

Coding in Year 9 IST

It has been interesting to watch the journey of our Year 9 IST students as they have explored coding through the use of the Makeblock robots. Prior to this unit the students had done a little preliminary work with Scratch so working with the Makeblock resources was a natural progression.

This week the College is hosting an Art and Design Exhibition in conjunction with Waverley College. Both the Art and TAS Departments are showcasing the very best from both Colleges and last night’s opening was a huge success.

One of the displays on show was a coding demonstration using an mBot Ranger. This is one of the more advanced Makeblock robots allowing the more advanced students to do more than just the basic coding operations.

The display was run by Janice, one of our Year 9 students, who created her own obstacle course and then programmed the mBot Ranger to successfully navigate the course.

The development in Janice’s coding skills has been accelerated through her involvement in the exhibition. It reinforces that we learn on a ‘need to know’ basis. The fact Janice had to take her coding skills to a higher level through running the exhibit is evidence of the need to constantly be exposing students to meaningful learning experiences.


Year 10 Design and Technology Project

Our Year 10 Design and Technology students have commenced the process of redesigning one of our TAS rooms as part of an authentic design project.

To assist in the process, Jude Watson from Black Sheep Design shared his thoughts with both Year 10 classes today. Jude was able to walk the girls through the design process he uses when taking on a new brief.

Following Jude’s talk the girls had the opportunity to ask questions relating to their project as well as what a career in design entails. Having access to someone of Jude’s calibre is a great opportunity for both classes as they look to respond to the brief provided by our TAS Coordinator, Mrs Taryn Smith.

Over the next two terms both classes will prepare individual responses to the design brief. Each student will then present to a panel of judges with the best designs being selected for further development.

This is an exciting project and we look forward to sharing developments as they happen throughout the term.