Year 7 Religion

Our Year 7 students began a wonderful initiative back in Term 1. There goal was to capture some of the wonderful memories of the Poor Clare Sisters before they move to their new premises at Richmond.

One of the most important rituals our Year 7 students participate in is ‘The Garden Walk’ with Sr Louise. Sr Louise takes the entire cohort on a trip around our beautiful garden pointing out the significance of the statues and mosaics. She also recounts some of the great stories the garden has been part of during her time at St Clare’s. This is a wonderful tradition that we need to preserve.

A small group of Year 7 students spent time with Sr Louise talking about the garden and what it meant to the Sisters. They then spent time exploring the garden and gathering images of the statues and mosaics. From there it was time to research and gather images that would assist in telling the story of the garden.

Numerous meetings took place to refine the script and ensure the words did justice to Sr Louise’s vision. Once the script was finalised images were gathered to match the script. With six students each contributing to the project it was quite complex bringing it together.

The most difficult part though was finding time in Sr Louise’s hectic schedule to get her to read the script in front of the green screen allowing us to have the images in the background. After a number of ‘takes’ to get the timing right we ended up with almost the perfect match between script and images.

While not being perfect it is a great tribute to the Year 7 students involved that they have created something special that will help future Year 7 students appreciate the importance the garden has in the history of the College.


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