English Standard Samples

Not all our students submitted the TED Talk format for their assessments. One of our outstanding coding students, Jasmine Hinds created an online game. Jasmine’s analytical response informs the audience about her submission.

“I chose to design and program a game based on the global issue of consequences of artificial intelligence as my multimodal digital text, for the assignment ‘Contemporary Possibilities’. After watching the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’, directed by The Wachowski brothers, I became conscious of this problem that has the possibility of occurring in the future. Artificial intelligence is defined as machines demonstrating intellectual behaviour, like systems being able to execute tasks that usually requires human intellect to perform. It is normally contrasted to the intelligence that is naturally display by humans. This topic has many presumptions, such as robots taking over the world, but most research scientists believe that this most likely will not happen. Instead they believe that the main consequences will be either the artificial intelligence is created to do something destructive, or it is created in order to do something helpful and good, but it employs a devastating method to achieve the goal. I chose to use a futuristic, dystopian setting, as I was inspired by ‘The Matrix’ to do so and also this is what most people associate with artificial intelligence. Due to the fact that one is not able to show a lot of information in games I, instead of writing an explanation of the negatives, utilised colours as a visual technique. I chose to use dark colours in my background to not only establish the feeling of a dystopian landscape, but also to establish the negativity towards Artificial Intelligence. I also used this to set a visual path and produce rhythm within my game with the contrast of the dark background and the lighter foreground. The fact that the character the player is using is has lighter tones than the background helps me to signify the idea of hope for the future. This hope for the future is further explored in the ‘positives’ scene. This is due to the the combination of images and a white background, which helps establish that while there are negatives to Artificial Intelligence, there are also many positives. The images I used reflected the positives of artificial intelligence, which were ‘make data gathering better, and revolutionise the medical, technological and manufacturing industries’. My chosen interactive ICT text, a digital game, explores the contemporary possibilities of the consequences of artificial intelligence, known as AI, as a social issue, in the way that it addresses both the negatives of and also the need for artificial intelligence. My ICT text is able to display a contemporary possibility within itself as it allows for easy access, as it is able to easily educate a person on my chosen topic.”

Here are some screenshots from her game.

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