STEAMPunk Update

Our 8.1 class spent time this morning fine tuning their ideas for the STEAMPunk project currently underway. Each group has been able to narrow down their focus to a practical way of responding to the driving question, ‘How can we survive a drought?’.

These are some of the ideas being developed:

    • A Microbit robot to sense the amount of moisture and temperature of soil to make decisions about where to plant crops, and how much water is needed to irrigate crops.
    • Use a Microbit to measure temperature, humidity and moisture, connected to an app which provides advice on how to manage water during that particular day.
    • A device on a shower head which calculates how much water has been saved depending on how long the shower was incorporating a reminder when the shower exceeds 5 minutes.
    • The Microbit sends a text message to phone regarding information about which parts of the farm requires watering by sensing the moisture in the soil.
    • A ring in a cows ear that indicates rising body temperature to prevent livestock death (text message).

Lots of great ideas! We will update on the progress of these innovations over the next week.

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