microShower Update

Our Year 8 SteamPunk students have been working on further developing their ‘microShower’ device that came out of their work with the team at UTS SteamPunk Girls.


The device has now been through a few stages of development with the team 3D printing their design each time an alteration is made. They have two major issues left to resolve, one is around keeping the device waterproof while allowing access to the battery and the other is having a more streamlined design that enable all components to to be contained securely inside.

The basic concept is that the device sits on a wall in the bathroom and using a motion sensor it detects when someone enters the shower. Using a microBit the team have programmed, the device will begin monitoring the time a person spends in the shower. The lights on the microBit will then change colour and shape to indicate when a person has spent too long in the shower. Seeing a red angry face means you have been in there too long and used way too much water!

The team are hoping to have their final product ready for testing by the end of this term. Given the state of our dam levels they could be on a winner with this product!

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