2019 NCSS Challenge

This year we had over fifty students take part in this NCSS Challenge run by Grok Learning. The NCSS Challenge takes place over a five week period and teaches the students how to code as they work through the weekly challenges. The Challenge is broken into different levels to cater for various ability levels. Students can choose from basic block coding up to highly advanced use of Java and Python.

This year we had students take on levels from Beginner through to Advanced. Typically Year 7 and 8 students take on Beginner then move to the Intermediate level in Years 9 and 10. The Advanced level is primarily for senior students.

Both the 8.1 and 7 Newman classes participated in the Challenge as part of their work in Mathematics. Students in 8.1 primarily took on the Intermediate Challenge as most had completed the Beginner Challenge in 2018. Our 7 Newman class was happy to take on the Beginner Challenge to familiarise themselves with the basics of the Python language. We also had a small group of Year 10 students who took on the Beginner Challenge.

There were a number of standout performances across all year groups with Angelique Kennedy , Charlize Fox, Eliza Kennedy, Jasmine Parsons and Jessica Cooper from the Year 7 Newman class all scoring a perfect score in the Beginner Challenge. An outstanding achievement!

Special mention must be made of Sophia Pappas from the 8.1 class. Sophia took on the Advanced Challenge this year as she had completed the Intermediate Challenge in Year 7. While she struggled to score a lot of points the experienced gained will be most valuable when she takes on the Code Quest later in the year. Sophia is never afraid to take on a challenge and this quality is something that will take her a long way in life.


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