Tech Girls Are Superheroes

This year St Clare’s entered into the Tech Girl Superhero Challenge. The team was made up of five Year 9 students; Lara Ciaglia, Stephanie Hooper, Iona Dyson-Merwe, Tilly Groves and Gabrielle Lee.

Over twelve weeks our team had to identify a problem in their local community and design an app to solve it. After brainstorming and conducting market research, the team decided to focus on how they could help teenagers trying to find their first job. They developed a complete business plan, prototyped an app, and decided on which platform they would use to code it. After the app was coded, these girls developed a pitch video and finalised their marketing strategies and pricing model.

The app is called ‘Breakthrough’ and is designed as an interactive job board while also providing teenagers with information on writing a resume, going for interviews, receiving payslips, and paying taxes.

The St Clare’s team were extremely fortunate to be assigned an industry mentor, Lisa Sisson from Unearth Technologies. Lisa met with our team weekly and provided guidance and support on the project, as well as valuable insights into the world of technology and the importance of female representation in this field.

At the NSW Showcase it was announced that the St Clare’s team won the category of ‘Game Changers’. Congratulations to the girls on all their hard work and success!

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