The Hive

This morning a group of Year 7 students was treated to a very special audience with the author of ‘The Hive’, Amanda Betts. We were very fortunate that Amanda is currently on a tour of the country doing book signing for her Hive/Rogue Book Tour and just happened to be scheduled to appear at Bondi Junction this morning. For her to spend an hour with the class before heading down to the Junction was just brilliant.

Our Year 7 students are currently reading ‘The Hive’ as part of our current STEM unit based around the native stingless bees. While the book is not directly connected with bees the students certainly learnt that a lot of Amanda’s research for the book was very much connected to bees! They were fascinated with how she went about creating ‘The Hive’ and had lots of questions for her about different parts of the book.

Amanda also spent some time taking the students through the structure she uses to build a story as well as the different fields she researched to make sure the story was authentic.  This was such a great learning experience for the students and hopefully they have taken some of Amanda’s advice on board.

A huge thank you to Ms Emms for providing the students with such a fantastic opportunity and a massive thank you to Amanda for giving up her time in such a busy schedule as well as take time to sign each student’s novel!

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