Year 8 Maths

All our students have been working hard to get back to a normal routine following the extended period of remote learning. One of the benefits for students in our Mathematics classes in Years 7 to 9 was having access to the Maths Pathway program.

Maths Pathway allowed our students to continue learning as they would normally and staff were able to monitor each student’s activity through the online dashboard. This enabled staff to prepare carefully structured Zoom sessions for their classes with mini lessons being run in the breakout room facility that Zoom offers.

It was evident that having access to Maths Pathway was a great benefit to our students. Being able to continue to learn while offsite meant for most students there was little impact in their Mathematics progress. The data provided by the program to staff certainly supports this.

While learning at home may have its benefits, there is certainly no substitution for being in the same space as your teachers and classmates and we are all very happy to be back doing what we love best, learning together!

Year 12 Biology

Our Year 12 Biology students are learning about how to control the spread of infectious diseases, and how poor hygiene has worsened pandemics in the past.

As a class we have been learning about the difference between personal hygiene and community hygiene, and why BOTH are necessary to prevent illness. Students learnt how to properly wash their hands, according to the WHO’s eight step guide as well as looking at scientific literature to find out the optimal time and amount of soap needed.

In this experiment students were given some lotion that glowed under a UV light. They were asked to wash their hands as they normally would to see how much lotion remained. Then they put more lotion on and tried the WHO technique. Even in COVID-19 times, students were shocked that they did not know how to wash their hands properly.

We also discussed asymptomatic carriers of diseases, such as Typhoid Mary from the the 1900s, who was a cook and forced to quarantine for 26 years as she unknowingly infected others through her place of work.

Year 9 Science

Our Year 9 Science students are currently learning about non-infectious diseases, particularly those that affect the nervous system. We have so far learnt about Parkinson’s disease and Cerebral Palsy. Students have also been given the opportunity to research a disease of choice that affects the brain, with some looking at Epilepsy and  others examining Alzheimers.

Today, they were provided with a brain hat template. It contained the different areas (lobes) of the brain and what it controls. After students made the hat, they wore it and we talked about a variety of situations like car crashes and brain tumours and how damage to different areas of the brain can affect different bodily functions.

An example of this would be getting hit in the back of the head resulting in loss of vision, due to the fact that this is an area of the brain that processes imagery. Similarly a tumour on the side of the head could affect hearing or sound interpretation, while a stroke in the middle of the brain could lead to speech problems.

Students enjoyed the task and said it helped them visualise the brain better. Tomorrow, they will get a chance to look at a real brain inside a piglet (we are dissecting it)!


Community and Family Studies

We are very pleased to inform the community that the birthing ward of the maternity section of the College was officially opened this morning with great success.
Room A24 saw the successful delivery of sixteen ‘newborns’ who will be accompanying their mothers to all of their classes from today through until Thursday of this week. Their ‘newborns’ are in fact unboiled eggs and students understand that they are totally responsible for maintaining the wellbeing of their ‘newborn’ until the end of the task.
This task is part of the Parenting and Caring unit for our Year 12 Community and Family Studies course. The students are required to care for their simulated ‘newborns’ as well as document their travels for the next few days. It should prove quite a challenge!